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Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction Offers Customizable Curriculum

KU’s Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction offers you a graduate program that supports a wide range of career opportunities for positions at various institutions including: PK-12 school districts, community colleges, universities, governmental agencies, and business organizations.  Depending on your educational career aspirations you will develop a demonstrated understanding of content and skills that have been developed to align with your professional goals.

You are able to select specialty program coursework in consultation with your faculty advisor and tailor your learning to fit your professional and educational needs. You will first discover and identify your specific career goals and then consult with your faculty advisor to select your elective courses to complement the required curriculum for all curriculum and instruction students:




EPSY 715

Understanding Research in Education


C&T 709

Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction


C&T 703

Understanding Talent


C&T 802

Curriculum Planning for Educational Settings


C&T 803

Differentiating Curriculum & Instruction


C&T 806

Instructional Strategies & Models


C&T 807

Multicultural Education



Content Elective* #1



Thesis/Project Track Only - Additional Requirement


C&T 898

Master's Project - OR -


C&T 899 Master's Thesis 3
  Total Thesis/Project Track Program Hours 30  
  Comprehensive Track Only - Additional Requirements  
C&T XXX Content Elective #2 3
C&T XXX Content Elective #3 3




Suggested Elective Courses

Choose your graduate program specialty area and customize your Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction by taking interdisciplinary courses in curriculum and education-related courses at the graduate level.

*Content Course Electives:

  • C&T 707 – Project-based Instruction
  • C&T 770 – Pedagogical Considerations in the 21st Century Classrooms
  • C&T 809 – Creative Thinking & Learning
  • ELPS 757 – Education in American Society
  • ELPS 764 – Foundations of Educational Technology
  • ELPS 773 – School and Society in Comparative Education
  • ELPS 811 – Constructivist Learning Technologies
  • EPSY 704  - Advanced Educational Psychology: Learning Processes in Education
  • EPSY 705 – Human Development Through the Lifespan
  • EPSY 703 – Constructive Classroom Discipline
  • SPED 727 – Designing Instruction for Diverse Learners
  • SPED 725 – Introduction to the Psychology and Education of Youth with Disabilities
  • SPED 717 – Exceptional Children in the Regular Classrooms

Other graduate course electives can be considered.  Please consult with your faculty advisor for options and pre-requisite requirements.

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