Barbara A. Bradley, PhD

School of Education - Curriculum & Teaching
Associate Professor
Elementary Education Program Coordinator
Ph.D., Reading Education, The University of Georgia
Primary office:
Joseph R. Pearson Hall
Room 316
University of Kansas
1122 West Campus Rd
Lawrence, KS 66045-3101

Barbara A. Bradley, associate professor, joined the KU faculty in the fall of 2004. Bradley earned a BS degree from SUNY at Stony Brook in biology and psychology, an MA degree in physical education from Adelphi University, and a PhD in reading education from The University of Georgia. She has 14 years experience teaching preschool-aged children with special needs and taught in New York, Virginia, and Colorado.


Ph.D., Reading Education, The University of Georgia

M.A., Physical Education, Adelphi University

B.S., Biology / Psychology, SUNY at Stony Brook


Barbara teaches undergraduate courses related to literacy in the elementary grades and graduate courses in reading comprehension and reading research. Currently, she is using "flipped instruction" for her undergraduate courses and she teaches her graduate courses using a blended/hybrid approach.

Teaching Interests

  • Preschool
  • Elementary education
  • Early literacy
  • Beginning reading
  • Reading comprehension


Barbara's research focuses on early literacy, particularly language development and book sharing with information texts. She often uses the approach of design-based research or formative experiments to investigate educational issues, and she co-authored the book, On Formative and Design Experiments. Further, Bradley co-directs a 4-week summer study abroad in Italy for education majors.

Barbara has published research in Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, Early Child Development and Care, Journal of Literacy Research, The Reading Teacher, School Psychology Review, and School Psychology Quarterly, and she has presented research at the national conferences of the Literacy Research Association and American Educational Research Association. She currently serves on the editorial review board for The Reading Teacher.

Research Interests

  • Preschool
  • Early childhood
  • Early literacy
  • Book sharing
  • Read alouds
  • Oral language development
  • Formative experiments
  • Design research
  • Design-based research

Selected Awards & Honors

Andrew Heiskill Award for Innovation in International Education Study Abroad
Institute of International Education


Early literacy, book sharing with informational text, design-based research and formative experiments


Dept Number Course Name
C&T 352 & 353 Literacy Instruction for the Primary Grades & Practicum  
C&T 354 & 355 Literacy Instruction for the Intermediate Grades & Practicum
C&T 649/749 An International Teaching Experiences
C&T 741 Comprehension and Study Strategies
C&T 840 Emergent Literacy and Beginning Reading
C&T 841 Early Intervention Reading Practicum
C&T 844 The Reading Program: Coordination & Supervision
C&T 940 Evaluation of Reading Research
C&T 998 Introduction to Graduate Studies


Study Abroad in Carpi Italy

2018 Carpi, Italy Study Abroad Flyer


  • Institute of International Education, Andrew Heiskill Award for Innovation in International Education, 2009
  • American Educational Research Association, Division K (Teaching & Teacher Education) Early Career Seminar, 2007
  • International Reading Association, Distinguished Finalist, Outstanding Dissertation of the Year, 2006
  • American Educational Research Association, Special Interest Group: Early Education/Child Development, Dissertation Award, 2005

Grant Projects

  • Bradley, B.A. (2009 – 2011). PI, Integrating Information Books into Early Childhood Classrooms. General Research Fund, University of Kansas, $5,587.
  • Bradley, B.A. (2006 – 2008). PI, A Formative Experiment Investigating Expository Text Read Alouds in Early Childhood Classroom. New Faculty General Research Fund, University of Kansas, $8,000.
  • Bradley, B.A. (2006 – 2007). Program for Partnerships in Early Learning. Professional development subcontract ($52,720) with Success by 6 (R. Minder, PI). Funded by the Administration of Children, Youth and Families, $853,605.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Nielsen, D. (2004 – 2007). The Development of Fluent and Automatic Reading: Precursor to Learning from Text. Subcontract ($138,500) with the University of Georgia (P. Schwanenflugel, PI; 2000 – 2007). Funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, $848,483.


  • Bradley, B.A. (2009 – 2012). Improving Instruction through implementation of the Partnership Instructional Coaching Model. Methodological consultant to Center for Research on Learning (J. Knight, PI), (2007 – 2012). Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, $1.9 million.


  • Reinking, D., & Bradley, B.A. (2008). On formative and design experiments: Approaches to language and literacy research. New York: Teachers College Press.

Book Chapters

  • Bradley, B.A., Reinking, D., Colwell, J., Hall, L.A., Fisher, D., Frey, N., Baumann, J.F., & (in press). Clarifying formative experiments in literacy research. In P.J. Dunston, S.K. Fullerton, C. C. Bates, K. Headley, P. M. Stecker (Eds.), 61st Literacy Research Association Yearbook (pp 175 – 185). Oak Creek, WI: Literacy Research Association.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Reinking, D. (in press).  A formative experiment to enhance teacher-child interactions in a preschool classroom. In T. Plomp & N. Nieveen (Eds).  Educational design research: Introduction and illustrative cases. Enschede, The Netherlands: SLO, Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development.
  • Bradley, B.A., Harvey, S., Knight, J., Hock, M., Skrtic, T., Deshler, D., Knight, D., & Brasseur-Hock, I. (in press). Employing design research to improve instructional coaching practices in middle schools. In T. Plomp & N. Nieveen (Eds).  Educational design research: Introduction and illustrative cases. Enschede, The Netherlands: SLO, Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Reinking, D. (2011). Revisiting the Connection Between Research and Practice Using Design Research and Formative Experiments In N. Duke & M. Mallette (Eds.), Literacy research methods (pp. 188 – 212). New York: Guilford Press.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Jones, J. (2010). Sharing alphabet books in early childhood classrooms. In D. Strickland (Ed.) Essential Readings on Early Literacy (pp. 70 – 82). Newark, DE: International Reading Association. (reprint of The Reading Teacher article).
  • Meisinger, E.B., & Bradley, B.A. (2008). Classroom practices for supporting fluency development. In M.R. Kuhn & P.J. Schwanenflugel (Eds.), Fluency in the classroom (pp. 36 – 54). New York: Guilford Press.

Journal Articles

  • Price, L.H., Bradley, B. A., Smith, J. (2012) A comparison of preschool teachers’ talk during storybooks and information book read alouds. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 27, 426 – 440.
  • Knight, J., Bradley, B., Hock, M. Skritc, T., Knight, D., Brasseur-Hock, I., Deshler, D., Ruggles, M., & Hatton, C. (2012), You can learn a lot by watching:  How video can be used to accelerate professional learning. The Journal of Staff Development, 33(2), 18 – 23.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Reinking, D. (2011) A Formative Experiment to Enhance Language Interactions in a Preschool Classroom. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 11(3), 362 – 401.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Reinking, D. (2011). Enhancing Research and Practice in Early Childhood Through Formative and Design Experiments. Early Child Development and Care, 81(3), 305 – 319. DOI: 10.1080/03004430903357894
  • Schwanenflugel, P.J., Hamilton, C.E., Neuharth-Pritchett, S., Restrepo, M.A., Bradley, B.A., & Webb, M.Y. (2010). PAVEd for Success: An evaluation of a comprehensive preliteracy program for 4-year-old children. Journal of Literacy Research, 42(3), 227 – 275.
  • Meisinger, E.B., Bradley, B.A., Schwanenflugel, P.J., & Kuhn, M.R. (2010). Teachers' perception of word callers and related literacy concepts. School Psychology Review, 39(1), 54 – 68.
  • Meisinger, E.B, Bradley, B.A., Schwanenflugel, & Kuhn, M. (2009). Myth and reality of the word caller: The relationship between teacher nominations and prevalence among elementary school children. School Psychology Quarterly, 24(3), 147 – 159.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Jones, J. (2007). Sharing alphabet books in early childhood classrooms. The Reading Teacher, 60(5), 452 – 463.
  • Kuhn, M. R., Schwanenflugel, P.J., Morris, R.D., Morrow, L. M., Meisinger, E., Woo, D., & Bradley, B.A., & Stahl, S. A. (2006). Teaching children to become fluent and automatic readers. Journal of Literacy Research, 38(4), 357-387.


  • Bradley, B.A., Rocha, L.S., Jorgensen, K.A., & Schloegel, M. (2012, December). Monolingual and Bilingual Preschool Teachers Reading Information Books Aloud with Emerging Bilingual Children. To be presented at the annual conference of the Literacy Research Association, San Diego, California
  • Bradley, B.A., Smith-Maybon, A., Puccetti, A., & Jorgensen, K. (2012, October). Teaching and Learning with iPads in an Elementary Teacher Education Program. To be presented at the annual conference of the Kanas Reading Association, Lawrence, Kansas.
  • Bradley, B.A., & Price, L.H. (2012, April). Preschool Teachers’ Repeated Readings of Thematically Related Books to Children. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Knight, D.S., Hock, M.F., Knight, J., Skrtic, T.M., & Bradley, B.A. (2012, April). Measuring the Impact of Instructional Coaching: Evidence from Classroom Observations. Round table presentation at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, Canada.


  • Co-Chair: Midwest Representative, Field Council, Member, Ed Fry Book Award, Literacy Research Association
  • Member, Ed Fry Book Award, Literacy Research Association
  • Co-Chair, Area 5: Early and Elementary Literacy Processes, National Reading Conference, 2008 – 2010
  • Chair, Steven A. Stahl Research Grant Committee, International Reading Association, 2008 – 2010

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