Master's in TESOL at KU

ENGL 351 classroom shoot with award winning professor Kij Johnson. In 2017 Kij won the World Fantasy Award, the Hugo, and the Nebula for her 2016 novella, The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe.

Program Overview

The master's in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)* at the University of Kansas is an interdisciplinary program by nature, and is designed to produce graduates who possess a high level of knowledge of contemporary theories, pedagogies and research in TESOL curriculum and instruction. Program graduates will demonstrate skill in teaching all students; understanding of and ability to act on research; practice shaped by pedagogical content knowledge; and an ability to serve as a teacher leader.

Career Outcomes in TESOL

The master of arts in TESOL* is designed to prepare the passionate educator to focus on fundamentals of curriculum and instruction, intercultural awareness and understanding language acquisition. This program prepares graduates to overcome challenges and make a difference in the lives of students. Most students admitted to the program already hold an initial teaching license. The program leads to both a master's degree and preparation for the PRAXIS exam required by the Kansas State Department of Education to add a licensure endorsement in TESOL. Potential position titles after graduation could include:

  • ESOL teacher;
  • classroom teacher; and
  • community worker.

*This program is a master of arts degree in curriculum & instruction with an emphasis in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). The program does not lead to initial licensure in the state of Kansas, but it does meet the educational requirements for licensure endorsement in the state of Kansas. If you plan to obtain a license or certification in a state other than Kansas or a US territory after completion of your program, it is highly recommended you first seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency BEFORE beginning the academic program to ensure you can obtain a license of certification in your home state or territory.

Thinking about TESOL education?

Let us know you’re interested in the program. We would love to connect with you to discuss the program’s curriculum, steps necessary for admission to KU, affordability options, and perhaps what to expect during your time on campus once you have become a Jayhawk.

Career Statistics

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