*Please note, the Department of Curriculum & Teaching is not accepting visiting scholar applications at this time. Please check back often.

Visiting Scholar Definition

Visiting scholars are senior scholars and distinguished visitors who hold a doctoral degree or the foreign equivalent and who hold an appointment comparable to those of the School of Education Faculty, and are usually on temporary leave from their universities or research centers. They visit the campus for relatively short periods of time, usually no longer than a year, serve as senior researchers, collaborate on research projects and publications with faculty members, and pursue independent research. Visiting scholar positions are not compensated. Ordinarily, visiting scholars are self-supported or have adequate support funds from sources outside the University and are considered peers of the faculty.

Obtaining Access to University Facilities

Scholars are instructed to obtain a FACULTY KU CARD for access to University privileges and facilities. For more information please visit the KU website: http://policy.ku.edu/card-center/obtaining-KU-card

Library Privileges

Visiting scholars are entitled to the use of all the libraries on campus and the KU Identity card functions as the library card.

Auditing Courses and Seminars

Visiting scholars are not students, therefore they do not pay fees nor do they register with the Office of the Registrar. With the exception of summer school classes, visiting scholars may audit courses and seminars with the consent of the instructor. No academic credit is given. If scholars wish to take regular University courses and receive credit, they are required to seek admission to the University and pay the normal student registration fees; status as a visiting scholar is then terminated.

Office Facilities

Within University policy, visiting scholars may be granted use of laboratory and other University facilities at the discretion of the departments involved. In many departments, however, space is limited and offices cannot be provided.

University Housing

Visiting scholars are not eligible to reside in University Housing.

Health Insurance Plan

All visiting scholars are required to have health insurance.  For more information please visit the KU website: http://policy.ku.edu/card-center/obtaining-KU-card

International Visiting Scholars

All international visitors must provide proof of insurance that meets all the requirements within 31 days of their appointment start date.

Department Requirement

Visiting scholars will be expected to lead student seminars and present at least one seminar for our faculty and guests.

Application for Visiting Scholars

Submit a letter of request including the following information:

  1. Introduction of yourself
  2. Proposed research agenda
  3. Length of time you are requesting
  4. Verification of financial support
  5. Current CV


For assistance or more information please visit the KU website: http://policy.ku.edu/card-center/obtaining-KU-card

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