Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Three students are joining hands in solidarity
Three students are walking on campus
Two male students are sitting on a bench laughing and enjoying conversation

We, the faculty and staff in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, stand together in our commitment to support a culture of inclusion for all students. We believe the strength of our community is in our diversity. We know a diverse faculty, staff, student body, and academic programs that respect and are inclusive of the cultural backgrounds and experiences of students from historically marginalized populations, whether domestic or international, foster a more culturally vibrant and equitable community here at the University of Kansas. We believe in the power of cross-cultural dialogue, unity and collaboration. We do not condone physical acts of violence or verbal or nonverbal assaults, including racial micro-aggressive behaviors that are used to promote fear or intimidation of students. We engage in brave and culturally conscious conversations with all students, faculty, and staff to build upon a department culture that promotes civility, humaneness, and the inclusion of all.

DEI Initiative

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