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Student Life in the Department of Curriculum & Teaching

At the University of Kansas, students just like you make history. Make memories. Discoveries. They make news and become educators prepared as leaders to face and shape the world. They also make KU what it is today.

Student Involvement & Organizations

  • Curriculum & Teaching Association of Graduate Students

    Its purpose is to facilitate the development of the graduate programs offered through the Department of Curriculum & Teaching through academic, professional & social activities.

  • Teach KU

    This organization is for students of color on the KU campus who aspire to be educators after graduation.

  • Professional Development Schools Alliance

    The KU Professional Development Schools (PDS) Alliance is an active partnership between the School of Education and Human Sciences and 15 public schools in four school districts surrounding the main KU campus in Lawrence.

  • KU Council for the Social Studies

    This organization offers services to social studies teacher education students in three areas: career development and professional networking; creation and field-testing of curricular & instructional material; and, program development.

  • National Education Association

    Teacher quality, community outreach & political action are the underlying areas of focus of this student organization. It is in these areas that our members and affiliates sponsor programs, educate on issues, and affect change.

  • International Students in Education

    This organization aims to advocate for international students, both undergraduate and graduate, in the School of Education and Human Sciences. It intends to be a safe space for those who experience culture shock, discrimination, and marginalization within the School and beyond. It also provides academic and social support for international students. Contact Hyesun Cho, associate professor for more information.

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group of students walking on campus socializing with one another

Other Ways to Stay Engaged

Genius Hour

This is an opportunity for graduate students and faculty in the department to come together, talk about current research efforts, discuss research and teaching challenges, highlight service activities, and brainstorm possible new directions and collaborations.