Secondary English Education Program Details

Program Curriculum

The secondary English teacher education program curriculum is built on the belief that it is critical for KU students to not only gain a broad-based teacher education preparation, but to supplement that education with hands-on practical experience in the field. This powerful combination allows our students to excel in any classroom environment.

Degree Requirements

C&T 100Introduction to the Education Profession
COMS 130Speaker-Audience Communication
ENGL 101Composition
ENGL 102Critical Reading and Writing
HIST 128 or HIST 129History of U.S. through Civil War or History of U.S. after Civil War
MATH 101Algebra or Pre-Calculus Mathematics
GEOG 104Introduction to Physical Geography

General Education requirements that may also fulfill KU Core requirements

ANTH 160 or SOC 130The Varieties of Human Experience or Comparative Societies
BIOL 100 & 102Principles of Biology Lecture & Lab
HSES 260Personal & Community Health
ENGL 203, 209, 210, or 211Topics in Reading & Writing, Intro to Fiction, Intro to Poetry, or Intro to Drama
ENGL 312 or ENGL 314Major British Writers to 1800 or Major British Writers after 1800
ENGL 320 or ENGL 322American Literature I or American Literature II
ENGL 332Shakespeare
Creative WritingSelect one of the following courses: ENGL 351, ENGL 352, ENGL 353, ENGL 354, ENGL 355, ENGL 360, ENGL 551, ENGL 552, ENGL 554, or ENGL 555
Transcultural LiteratureSelect one course from the following: ENGL 305, ENGL 306, ENGL 326, ENGL 336, ENGL 337, ENGL 338, ENGL 339, ENGL 340, ENGL 341, ENGL 571, ENGL 572, ENGL 573, ENGL 574, HUM 304, HUM 308, or HUM 312
Individual Authors/MovementsSatisfied by two courses from the following: ENGL 301, ENGL 302, ENGL 310, ENGL 315, ENGL 317, ENGL 318, ENGL 324, ENGL 325, ENGL 327, ENGL 330, ENGL 331, ENGL 334, ENGL 340, or ENGL 479, 534
English Language StudiesSatisfied by one of the following: ENGL 385 or ENGL 387
Advanced CompositionSatisfied by one course from the following: ENGL 360, ENGL 380, ENGL 400, or ENGL 580

Teacher Education (All courses EXCEPT C&T 235 and ELPS 250) are only available after being admitted to the School of Education and Human Sciences.)

C&T 235Multicultural Education
ELPS 250Education & Society
C&T 302Educational Technology in Middle/Secondary Education
EPSY 306Development & Learning of the Adolescent
SPED 326Teaching Exception Children & Youth in General Education
EPSY 320Basics of Classroom Assessment
C&T 324Curriculum Learner in the Middle School & High School
C&T 430Teaching Literature for Young Adults
C&T 331Instructional Approaches for ESOL Learners in the Middle/Secondary Classroom
C&T 533Curriculum & Instruction in English/Language Art
C&T 540Advanced Practices in Teaching English in the Middle & Secondary School
C&T 448Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum
C&T 449Understanding Dyslexia and Supporting Students in Middle and Secondary Schools
C&T 489Advanced Teaching Practicum
ELPS 537Governance & Organization
SPED 507Advanced Practices for Children with Disabilities in the Middle/Secondary General Education Classroom
EPSY 480Promoting Student Social-Emotional Well-Being
C&T 402Professional Learning Seminar II
C&T 403Professional Learning Seminar III
C&T 490Student Teaching
C&T 495Seminar: Developing the Teaching Portfolio
EPSY 520Assessment

Please note: This is only a potential plan of study. Consult with your academic advisor before enrolling.

Program Curriculum Resources

Freshmen and transfer students will complete the KU Core Curriculum for general education requirements. Review the KU Academic Catalog or consult the program detail sheet for more comprehensive information on the required courses for the bachelor’s degree in secondary English education at KU.

Program Faculty

portrait of Nicole Babalola
Nicole Babalola
Associate Teaching Professor
portrait of Laurie A Cleavinger
Laurie A Cleavinger
Teaching Professor
Jaclyn Dudek
Jaclyn Dudek
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Teaching, Assistant Research Professor, Achievement & Assessment Institute
portrait of Manuela Gonzalez-Bueno
Dr. Manuela Gonzalez-Bueno
Associate Professor, Foreign Language Education Program Coordinator
portrait of Heidi L Hallman
Heidi L Hallman
Chair, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Professor, Secondary English Education Program Coordinator
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Assistant Professor in Secondary Education
portrait of M'Balia Thomas
M'Balia Thomas
Associate Professor
portrait of Steven Hugh White
Steven Hugh White
Associate Professor, Elementary Education - Social Studies